About the Diliman Blog


The University of the Philippines (UP), under RA 9500, is mandated to perform its unique and distinctive leadership in higher education and development. RA 9500 also named UP as the sole national university in the Philippine Archipelago.

At the same time, UP Diliman (UPD) is known as the cradle of academic freedom. UP Diliman was also the home of freedom of speech movement, particularly during the martial law era in the 1970s. The Diliman Blog is created to continue performing academic freedom and to revitalize the tradition of freedom of speech via voicing out opinions and ideas by UPD professors and scholars in a forum that encourages public engagement.

As a nation, the Philippines continuously searches for answers to a litany of burning issues and questions. This site is a virtual blackboard to discuss these issues.

The thoughts expressed in The Diliman Blog are not of the University, not official, and not of one mind. Like in the spirit of Freedom of Speech, the ideas presented here are those of the individual authors. We welcome your comments. But we have some rules:

  • Comment on the topic expressed by the author. Your post will be removed if you rant far afield.
  • Be respectful of others, even if you dissent with the author and the comments of others.
  • Do not get personal. The goal here is to create a public forum.

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